Fall Thin Matte Transfers

Thin Matte Film transfers are awesome because they work on many different garment materials: Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, 50/50 Blends and both light and dark fabrics. 

Pre-Press Garment for 5 seconds to get out any moisture.

Temp: 325°F
Screen is approx 8-9"

Pressure: Heavy  (if print doesn't stick, this is likely the biggest reason why.  Make sure your press is on heavy pressure!)
Time: 15-20 Seconds
Peel: Hot
Do not cover with any Teflon etc.  If print needs an additional press, please use parchment paper over it. 

*Please note the time and temp are suggested and you may have to adjust based on your own presses best settings. T-shirt from photo NOT included!