Welcome to Forget Me Not Fabric! Below you will find answers and email contacts to our most frequently asked questions. If you use the correct emails to troubleshoot your questions, we can get back to you asap!

For questions on an existing order placed or regarding missing items in your order, please contact: bridgette@forgetmenotfabric.com or barbara@forgetmenotfabric.com

What is sublimation printing and will it fade?

Well, sublimation printing uses heat to essentially bring ink and fabric together as one. First, a design is printed onto special paper. The inks that are used turn into gas when brought under heat, then combine with the fabric and permanently print onto the fabric.

If I buy a file for my personal use to custom print does Forget Me Not Fabric, LLC, have the right to use my file and sell It?

Please note when you send in your own personal artwork we do not print this fabric to sell for our benefit unless we personally own a commercial license to print it. Please note *DISCLAIMER--Only under circumstances such as a misprint, over print, banding on fabric, smears or flawed fabric would we offer your print for sale. If this does happen, we do have the right to sell on our Facebook page only. We will not add any file that we do not commercially own a license to for sale on our website. However, we do have the right to sell misprints, and flawed yards for sale on our Facebook page. This is a risk that is taken with custom printing.

Can I print whatever I want? What are the rules?

*Please note by uploading and placing your order, you are representing and certifying that you have the legal right and authority to use any intellectual property, including patterns, text, images, or any other materials in which you select, provide, or upload as part of this order. You agree to defend, indentify and hold harmless Forget Me Not Fabric LLC (the company), as well as its officers, members, employees, contractors and vendors, from any and all direct, indirect or consequential claims, actions, suits, procedures, costs, expenses, damages and liabilities, including attorney's fees, arising out of the Company's involvement in the transaction.

Will I always achieve exact same color consistency if I order a batch of fabric now and the same batch in one month?

Although sublimation printing has so many benefits in our digital world of printing there are also drawbacks & variables that can change color consistency, sometimes leading up to a 10% difference in color consistency.

***I would say this happens more often in custom orders than stock because larger batches are printed. However, it can happen in both. We do always update our pictures on our website in stock items if there is a color variation though so please pay close attention to our pictures. We also place notes on these in-stock listings so that you can be even more aware there is a color change before you choose to buy. We cannot be responsible for sending out shipping labels or returns when this is clearly noted on our site with pictures. Environment and Material Variables come into play largely in this business. Environmental settings in the print room can make an impact on color variations. As a fabric manufacturer we have relative humidity recommendations for our printers and our print heads. It is important for us to monitor our humidity levels daily. With changing weather temperatures sometimes this is not always perfect. As with many print mills we adhere to a 10% variance in color batches and want our customers to be aware this can happen. As always, noting this on your own website, Etsy store, Facebook store and so on can prevent upset customers when it comes to minimal color variations. We will not refund for slight color variations, but more importantly we want you to be aware so you can also make your customers aware. Large fabric companies always warn against dye lot changes and this is why. We are working with large machines that are very picky on environmental circumstances. When orders are due out or customer's are waiting on us to ship we cannot always comply with a perfect humidity or temperature. I would say 95% of our customers do not even notice or worry about a slight variation in color.

What does RTS mean?

RTS means 'Ready To Ship'.

Can we do combined shipping?

Unfortunately, FMNF is unable to combine the shipping of orders. Shipping is calculated by weight, so if you order again, it will be calculated by weight, not just an additional fee. 

Is there a discount code?

If there is a discount code available at the time you are checking out, it will be listed on the top left side of the main web page or be posted through our VIP text alerts and FMNF Facebook pages. 

I forgot to use my discount code at checkout. Can I get a credit or a refund?

FMNF is unable to credit or refund once an order has been placed. We cannot backdate promo codes under any circumstances.

Order ship times fluctuate daily, so please always check the front page of the website to see up-to-date ship times for your order. 

This is for in-stock RTS orders. This does NOT include weekends or holidays.

I paid for 2-day shipping. When will my order ship?

Orders ship out in the processing time stated on the website. Once an order is shipped out, the 2-day shipping will be adhered to by the postal service. Please keep in mind business days are Monday - Friday, and USPS operates Monday -Saturday.

How can I get a faster response to my email?

Please allow the FMNF Fabric Team 24 hours for us to respond to your email during business days. Emails are answered Monday - Friday. Weekends are family days, so please do not expect a response Saturday or Sunday. All emails received over the weekend will be responded to Monday. 

For questions on an existing order placed — or regarding missing items in your order  please contact: bridgette@forgetmenotfabric.com or barbara@forgetmenotfabric.com

For inquiries regarding wholesale or bulk ordering, please contact: bridgette@forgetmenotfabric.com

Can I add or edit an order I just placed?

We are unable to make any changes to orders. Please be sure to review your cart before you checkout.

I have fabric missing from my order. Who do I contact?

Please email bridgette@forgetmenotfabric.com with your order number and which fabric was missing. 

There is a defect on my fabric. Who do I contact?

Please go over all your fabrics as soon as they arrive. If you have a defect, please take a photo and email bridgette@forgetmenotfabric.com 

Please include your order number and a photo of the defective fabric. Know that if you have washed, cut, or altered the fabric in any way, we cannot issue a refund. If you cut into your fabric, please do not email us for a replacement. We do not offer adjustments for any defects that are 1" or smaller. FMNF will always try to cut your fabrics with 1/2"-1" extra in length to make up for any discrepancies. Defects/misprints within 4"-5" inches of the fabrics edge will not be refunded.

I was sent the wrong fabric!

Please email bridgette@forgetmenotfabric.com with your order number, the fabric you received, and the fabric you ordered but did not get.

How do I know when my order has shipped?

Shopify will send you an email that your order has shipped. Please be sure to make an account on our FMNF website for updates. If you do not add in your email, then we cannot send you an order confirmation or a shipping confirmation. PLEASE make sure to refresh your emails and your tracking links so you can follow your orders at all times. 

Who do I contact about custom prints and bulk yardage?

Email bridgette@forgetmenotfabric.com if you need 25+ yards or more of each design. 

Why is my order not here?

On occasion, FMNF fabric will oversell. If this happens, we do our best to have the fabric rushed to our warehouse, so it does not create a problem for our customers. If we are concerned about your order exceeding 5 business days late due to an oversell, you will hear from us via email for resolution. However, if we feel this problem will be resolved within 2 - 4 days from the original ship date, we will ship asap.  

Can I return my order?

Return Policy:

Yes, you may return your order at your cost if the fabrics have not been altered in any way. EXCLUDES CUSTOM PRINTS. There is a 15% restocking fee that applies to your return. 

Thank you so much for your business! Your success is truly our success! FMNF has hundreds of in-stock fabrics so you receive your order quickly and efficiently so you can focus on building your business. 

Thank you! 

The FMNF Team