Gold and Aqua Camo, PUL Fabric
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Gold and Aqua Camo, PUL Fabric

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Gold and Aqua Camo, PUL Fabric

This Gold and aqua camouflage is amazing and vibrant, perfect for all of your water resistant sewing and crafting needs. 

Welcome to our 100% Made in the USA PUL Fabric collection. PUL is a laminated fabric. The PUL stands for Polyurethane Laminate. 

What is Polyurethane Laminate? The most popular benefits to this amazing fabric is that it is water-resistant, stretchy & breathable. It has the wonderful properties of being water-resistant as well as breathable which means it will keep moisture from passing through and yet heat is able to escape. The wonderful thing about laminating polyester knit is that is has a slight stretch to it. 

Our PUL fabric is Eco-Friendly & 100% Made in the USA. There is nothing more exciting than to know that our lamination process is "green" and safe to our environment and our families. Our PUL fabric starts with lightweight polyester knit interlock, that we knit right here in the USA.  Our polyester fabric is then paired with a thin layer of 1mil polyurethane lamination. These two are bonded together with a hot melt adhesive system that is solvent free, no VOC's (volatile organic chemicals) and it is friendly to our environment. 

All fabrics sold at Forget Me Not Fabric are intended for children's items are exempt from or compliant with CPSIA regulations.

Our Eco-Friendly PUL meets all CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission)

  • Does not contain lead or heavy metals

  • Does not contain BPA

  • Does not contain phthalates

  • Does not contain PVCs, diisocynates, chlorine, or migratable plasticizers

  • Does not contain latex

  •  CPSIA Compliance Statement

Things you can make with our Eco-Friendly PUL:

  • rain coats - rain capes - ponchos -jackets
  • stroller covers
  • baby diapers - pocket diapers - all-in-one diapers 
  • animal diapers - animal incontinence pads - dog diapers
  • dog raincoats
  • waterproof mattress pads - reusable water resistant pads - crib mattress covers
  • waterproof diapers - diaper covers
  • diaper pail liners
  • wet bags 
  • changing pads
  • feminine hygiene products - menstral pads - mama cloth
  • adult diapers, personal use only. 
  • bibs

Diaper Cut approximately 20" x 19 1/3"

Our Eco-Friendly PUL is Made in the USA. 73% polyester, 27% polyurethane. GSM 160. 

Wash Instructions: Machine wash in warm or hot water using regular or HE laundry detergent.  Avoid the use of harsh stain removal, vinegar or bleach products.  Tumble dry on low or lay flat to dry.  Do not iron or dry clean.  

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